TURP/Cystoscopy Sets

For decades now, Fairmont Medical has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of urology sets to both private and public hospitals throughout the world.
Dusflo was the first urology set introduced to the Australian market to be latex free. Our large lumen tubing and drip chamber ensures high flow rates of irrigation fluids greater than 800ml/min which assists in efficient, rapid flushing of tissue debris from the bladder during TURP procedures. A soft non latex connector provides easy resectoscope connection, which in turn, allows easy attachment to the foley catheter post operatively.

• Extra length tubing allows for smooth patient transfer from operating table to patient bed
• Easy instrument rotation and fitment via flexible non latex connector
• Time saving rapid irrigation flushing capabilities
• Easy to view and prime malleable drip chamber
• Fluid volume control via roller clamp
• Available in both single and double bag spike configurations
• Single use, sterile, ready to use
• Phthalate (DEHP) and latex free
• Quality Australian designed and manufactured