Disposable Pressure Infuser Bag

Fairmont Medical’s Pressure Infuser Bags are designed for fast IV infusion, invasive pressure monitoring, auto transfusion and fluid delivery during minimal invasive surgery. The use of disposable pressure infuser bags prevents cross contamination and eliminates costly cleaning and repairs of reusable bags. Python pressure infuser bags are quick loading and allow single hand use, enabling simultaneously operation of other devices. Made from durable polyurethane material they provide excellent visability of the fluid bag levels, in addition the pop up valve alerts operators of over inflation, giving full delivery control.
• Flexible IV pole hanger provides easy fluid bag change over
• Ergonomic round bulb allows quick inflation
• Transparent see through material for clear view of fluid bag content levels
• Easy to operate stopcock valve for controlled deflation
• Simple marking area for patient record information
• Single use, ready to use
• Australian designed quality