Disposable Speciality Suction

Fairmont Medical has a comprehensive range of high quality specialty suction tips to suit all surgical applications. Poole, Frazier and Paediatric Bubble Sucker.

Universal Poole Sucker
Uniquely designed to evacuate pooled blood, fluids and tissue debris during abdominal surgeries and cesarean section. Our single use Poole Sucker suction device offers a cost effective, efficient solution.

Paediatric Bubble Suckers
Fairmont Medical’s clear Paediatric Bubble Suckers enable easy visualisation of suctioned fluids. Atraumatic tip design allows for the suction of delicate tissue, incorporating in a smooth finish for comfortable easy handling.

Frazier Suckers
Fairmont’s Frazier suckers are used in surgical procedures where delicate fine suctioning is required to evacuate tissue debris from the site. The included obturator facilitates the shaping and clearing of the flake resistant malleable metal shaft.