Disposable Laparoscopic Scissors

The use of reusable laparoscopic scissors requires costly reprocessing and sterlisation, as well as frequent sharpening.
Fairmont Medical’s, Endoselect Disposable Metzenbaum Scissors are designed to allow surgeons maximum sharpness during laparoscopic procedures when it counts. Supplied sterile ready to use, our range of laparoscopic scissors offers choice of jaw and shaft lengths to meet all laparoscopic needs.
• Balanced ergonomic handle designed for surgical control
• Safe state-of-the-art insulated shaft and jaw housing tip provides the ultimate diathermy current containment
• Curved blades allow for cutting delicate tissue whilst offering the capability of blunt dissection and coagulation
• Easy to identify colour coding
• Single use, sterile, ready to use
• Australian designed quality