Respiratory Filters

The Disposable Filter range is designed and configured to suit most respiratory applications.

Deltastatic Filters
• Non-intrusive compact housing design
• Ensures patient comfort and safety
• Tethered CO2 port cap
• Compact design offers optimal clinical convenience with reduced resistance to flow
• An economical choice for both long and short term use

Electrostatic Filtration
The media used in our Deltastatic filter is electrostatically charged. This polypropylene based membrane media allows the filtration of particles down to 2 microns in diametre. Bacteria is positively or negatively charged, the fibres in the filter are electrostatically charged causing bacteria to be attracted to the fibres. This results in high filtration without resistance to flow, a major advantage over a mechanical pleated filter.

HME Filters
• Economical HME media choice enables compact design
• Cost effective in-line heat moisture exchange
• Tethered CO2 port cap

HME Process
The Disposable Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Anaesthetic Filters provide a mechanism for returning warm moist air back to the patient. Our hygroscopic coated media provides effective heat retention and moisture exchange, minimising patient moisture and heat loss.

Pleated Filters
• Largest pleated filtration surface area
• Non-intrusive compact housing design
• Tethered CO2 port cap
• Economical choice for long term use

Mechanical Process
The media used in our Isopleat filters works by entrapping particles utilising a fine pleated mesh glass membrane. The pleated fibres offer a torturous path through the filter, allowing flow of gas while preventing particles passing through to the patient.

Instructions For Use
EU MDR IFU-DAF (filters)