Fairmont Medical’s Laparoscopic Irrigation Suction Set is designed to meet all your minimally invasive surgical needs.
The smoothly contoured hand piece fits comfortably in the hand, allowing surgeons to operate suction or irrigation effortlessly. The colour coded buttons are convex and concave shaped, which allows the surgeon to operate without taking attention away from the surgical site. Fairmont Medical offers an extensive range of laparoscopic irrigation suction sets to allow quick assembly and turn-around time between procedures.
With the recent introduction of the 3mm probe we are the only company globally to offer an entire range of laparoscopic irrigation suction sets.
Our laparoscopic irrigation suction set is one of the highest quality medical devices worldwide. It is 100% leak-free.

The SpeciJar gives surgeons full control of biopsy sample retrieval when used in conjunction with the Laparoscopic Suction Set. It avoids cross contamination of sample, by capturing the biopsy in the jar.

  • Available in double or single bag spikes
  • Removable connector enables use with other suction device
  • Available in 3, 5 & 10mm probes
  • Atraumatic tip design distal vents avoids wall occlusion