Fairmont Medical has revolutionised telescope processing and storage with the design of Telepac®.

The single use Telepac® offers the most convenient way to sterilize, transport and store most rigid telescopes. It is the most significant and unique advancement in rigid telescope storage, sterilization and handling in 25 years. Using Telepac® is the best way to comply with AS NZ4187- 2014 for rigid telescopes. Telepac® allows CSSD to become more efficient in the processing and turnaround time of rigid telescopes reducing the time taken by 70%. An inner tray holds the telescope and light post adaptor securely, providing easy transfer to the operating staff.

Comparing to traditional alternatives, typically 7 medium telescope trays fit into a Sterrad 100 chamber, whereas, 12 Telepacs fit into the same space, almost halving cycle cost and increasing turnaround time.

Available in both autoclave and temperature sterilisation.