Laparoscopic Irrigation Suction Set

For over 25 years Fairmont Medical has been pioneering the innovative use of suction irrigation devices. Our extensive range of LISS sets are designed to provide cost effective, reliable, leak free
laparoscopic surgical procedures. LISS is known around the world for it’s quality and consistent
performance during minimal invasive procedures, such as laparascopic cholecystectomy.
• Ergonomic trumpet valve accommodates even the most delicate hand sizes, ensuring comfortable use, minimising fatigue.
• Easy to feel, concave/convex colour coded buttons
• Unique detachable suction probe connection system offers fast change over probe choice
• Multi-use suction tube connection allows the use of other suction devices
• Atraumatic tip design with distal vents prevents wall occlusion
• Soft drapeable tubing
• Double spike bag available
• Single use, sterile, ready to use
• Phthalate (DEHP) and latex free
• Quality Australian designed and manufactured

Instructions For Use