Trocar Cannula Systems

Standard Trocar Cannula
Fairmont Medical’s disposable Eccess Trocar Cannula systems are the only Australian made minimal invasive ports available to surgeons for use throughout Australia and the world. Our comprehensive range of ports are practical in design, meeting critical performance expectations at a cost effective level.
• Easy to identify colour coding
• Comprehensive range of sizes and styles including our 12mm first entry balloon port
• Secure patient insertion via radial threaded cannula
• Flexible adaptable instrument choice from 5 to 11mm without loss of pneumoperitoneum pressure
• Ready to use, sterile, single use
• Quality Australian designed and manufactured

First Entry Balloon Port
Our first entry cannula balloon port has been designed with a pratical cost effective approach for safe access during minimal invasive surgery.
• Easy to place flexible silicone securing system
• Non latex concentric balloon shape, offering a secure seal
• Optimal ‘blunt tip’ obturator design
• Detachable valve system allows easy removal of tissue specimens (eg. gall bladder) and rapid patient degassing
• Single use, sterile, ready to use
• Quality Australian designed and manufactured