Laparoscopic Diathermy Hook

Fairmont Medical offers a range of disposable sterile 5mm insulated right angle hooks, presenting surgeons with a safe, ready to use choice. Extensively used throughout minimal invasive surgery, our range of diathermy hooks are insulated utilising a high tech coating of PTFE, polyoletin insulation providing peace of mind, safe use.

Standard Right Angle Hook
• Comfortable ergonomic handle design
• Variety of tip selections
• Offered with or without cable attachment
• Drapeable cable design on offer
• Ready to use, sterile single use
• Australian designed quality

Switch Control Right Angle Hook
• Finger switch control avoids the use of awkward foot pedals
• Comfortable ergonomic handle design
• Easy to identify cut and coagulate colour coded buttons
• Safe reinforced 3 pin plug
• Convenient drapeable 3 metre cable
• Single use, sterile, ready to use
• Australian designed quality